I marginally disagree with that
by KevinG (2014-12-17 16:22:08)
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  In reply to: 2007 USC was the worst  posted by ShermanOaksND

(We've sunk to comparing the hopelessness of the 2007 and 2008 SC games)

In 2007, while we surely sucked, we had recently begun to play better, with a win over UCLA in the Rose Bowl, and a not terrible performance against then undefeated and #2 ranked BC. SC was coming into the game not playing that well for them, having lost 2 weeks prior to Stanford as a 40+ point favorite, and struggling in close games against mediocre Washington (coached by Ty) and Arizona. I actually thought we had a chance in that game, albeit a rather small one.

2008, however, we were coming into the game playing about as poorly as we had at any point in 2007, and SC was a juggernaut, perhaps Carroll's best team. I recall calling my Dad from the SC campus that afternoon telling him this was the first time I believed ND had absolutely no chance to win a game. We did finally get a 1st down on the last play of the 3rd quarter, however.


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