I routinely give Kelly full credit for 2012 ...
by CJC (2014-12-17 15:54:59)
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  In reply to: 2002 Ohio St and 2014 FSU come to mind immediately.  posted by rockmcd

now, I suppose we could disagree about what "full credit" means.

But it's damn hard to win every single regular season game, and that's an accomplishment worth noting and commending.

At the same time, if we're talking about just what a coach has produced over his tenure, I think it's reasonable and fair to acknowledge that there are undefeated teams and then there are undefeated teams.

Or, taking a slightly different view, there are 12-1 teams that get thrashed in the BCS title game and there are 12-1 (or 13-1) teams that win the BCS title game.

For starters, as we all painfully remember, Kelly's "undefeated" team lost its final game. Convincingly.

So while I'm not backing off my statement that winning every regular season game, with all of its attendant challenges and increasing pressure, is no small accomplishment, that's not exactly achieving your ultimate objective when you lose your final game.

Additionally, it's clear that the 2012 team, while talented, tough and gritty, certainly wasn't a juggernaut. No shame in that. Had that team managed to defeat Alabama by a single point on a fluke play, I sure as hell wouldn't apologize for the resulting national championship.

But Kelly's crowning moment at Notre Dame, thus far, is hardly a football team for the ages.


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