If you were Jack Swarbrick
by The Oak (2014-12-17 15:38:37)
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You know Brian Kelly's record, and what we have coming back next season. You know Coach Kelly tried to jump to the NFL in 2012. It is clear to everyone that he is trying to do it again right now.

If you were Swarbrick, which of the following would you do:

A. Nothing. Notre Dame acts in good faith with coaches, and it is beneath Notre Dame to go behind a coach's back. However, I do have a list of names to contact in my drawer should he leave.

B. Contact coaches via back channels and gauge interest in case he leaves, but wait for Kelly to move.

C. Contact coaches via back channels and quietly see who can be lined up. Dismiss Kelly if you believe the coach is an upgrade. If the available coach is not a clear upgrade, sit pat and wait on Kelly.

D. Same as C, but identify the best available coach and dismiss Kelly whether the coach is a definite upgrade or not.


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