Saban became a much better coach and that coaching
by SEE (2014-12-17 15:17:13)
Edited on 2014-12-17 15:24:34
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has a bit to with his ability to accumulate talent. His book on "the process" is worth a read.

That said, he's built a talent machine at Alabama. I don't know that it's at Leahy level domination as it's a different era, but the combination of 5-star recruiting plus the abililty to bring in bigger numbers on a yearly basis and plug holes with JCs is impressive. He still has yet to win a title without a JC transfer on the DL. He has another one starting this year.

Alabama is playing to win and has great coaching. Notre Dame isn't doing either. In Leahy's era Notre Dame played to win and accumulated more talent than has ever been assembled or likely will be assembled.

We're never going to see that again. That doesn't mean ND can't win, but it means a run like Leahy's is highly unlikely no matter who the coach is. You can have that view and still believe Kelly's undperforming.


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