there are 2 words for why he had a winning record
by quasimodo (2014-12-17 13:29:00)
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at MSU: Plaxico & Sedrick

I don't recall Sedrick's background but I do recall that Plaxico was not being recruited by many SEC and other teams because his academic background would not allow him to qualify.

MSU somehow was able to admit him and get him qualified. And he did exceptionally well for them.

At the time, I thought Saban was OK to good, far from great, somewhat sleazy and willing to bend standards to get recruits and primarily got as far as he did because of his last name. Even at LSU he didn't seem all that good even when he backed into a 1/2 national championship by not playing the top team.

(edited - pre-internet I though Nick was Lou's kid but Wikipedia says he's the grandson of Lou's uncle.)



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