Here's a suggestion for one of our crackerjack beat writers
by ACross (2014-12-17 13:23:54)
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Ask Kelly is he denies that he or his agent has not had any contact with any pro teams or pro teams representatives regarding Kelly taking a NFL job since 2012.

One thing the aforementioned crackerjack beat writers never explored is how much time Kelly spent preparing for his Eagles interview. Kelly did not go into that interview cold 10 hours after the final whistle and 7 hours after he got back to the team hotel. He prepared a plan, he prepared for the interview by speaking with his agent and others. He spent significant time doing so.

Then he went off the grid for 3 days without talking to his staff, players or employer, staring at his phone and email inbox waiting for the offer that never came.

What if he is doing the same thing now - deputizing his meathead agent to scurry around lobbying for a interview, relaying information, preparing?

Everybody but sprack and Leahy would want to know this information.


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