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by drdomer (2014-12-17 12:23:05)
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The true MVP of that game was the Band of the Fighting Irish! Heck, we all had hypothermia, but the band played on, and without chicken soup! Unphased by the extreme cold (wind went right through those stupid wool uniforms) and the harassment of the U of H band that started playing "Hey Hey, Goodbye" midway through the third quarter, we continued to belt out the Victory March for the 25 people still remaining in the stands.

You cannot appreciate how bad the weather was that day - the coldest I've ever been and I grew up in the Bend. It is without a doubt the greatest comeback I've witnessed in person. Football is a team sport, but we wouldn't have won without Joe's leadership and his contribution to that victory cannot be overstated. Nobody ever said he played a perfect game, and the first 3 quarters truly sucked, but almost 40 years later, this game is one of the two "legendary" games I remember vividly (the other being '77 USC) from my time at ND. The National Championship game vs. Texas pales in comparison.

RIP Dr. Bodnar. A true Notre Dame man.


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