Who would hire this guy...?
by seamus85 (2014-12-17 11:52:12)
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Head Coaching Experience and record
34–24–1 Zero bowl wins in 3 appearances
15-17 Zero playoff appearances.

My assertion is that winning at the highest level in the college football landscape of today has much more to do with what your administration is willing to concede in order to win, and about the players you can (are allowed to) recruit.

This guy was hired by LSU and given a very big check book. He then compiled a record of 48-16 over 5 years, with one national championship.

He was then hired by Alabama and given a blank check book. Eight years later, he has 3 NC's and is in the first ever college playoff and poised to win a fourth NC.

In 2006 after only 5 years as a college HC, a sub .600 win% with no conference titles in a relatively weak conference, zero bowl wins, and then 2 years in the pros with a sub .500 record, who on this board was hiring this guy?

Anyone who says they would have is either disingenuous or delusional. It's not about the X's and O's, it's about the Willies and the Joe's and what the admin is willing to do to make it happen.


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