Is he Montana like? If not, then he'll struggle in Kelly's
by btd (2014-12-16 23:41:12)
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  In reply to: Zaire's inability to throw  posted by SorinBasement

offense right now because sans any running game the QB has to somehow be nearly perfect for us to have a shot of winning and even then odds are low given even Montana can't throw on his back.

MZ is just fine as a college QB right now. Too bad we don't run a real offense that is a mixture of many different running plays, QB running plays if the QB is capable of doing that and then some passing too. Stuff a kid can master in a year or two tops because he only has 4 total years to play in college. Something that makes the defense somewhat guess each play whether it will be a run or pass and if it is a run guess where we will run (left, right, middle, wide left or right -- or even fake one way and go the opposite way).


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