I'm not so concerned about that
by ACross (2014-12-16 14:39:36)

In reply to: While there's no reason not to ask him...  posted by El Kabong

I do think that he could balance out his staff in a way that would render meaningless the distinctions.

NFL success is a lot more germane and probative of ability to succeed at ND than success at minor league colleges like Big Valley State, Central Muck, and Cincinnati Commuter.

He would not be my top target but it would make sense to speak with himand what his plan might be to succeed at ND, given his sabbatical from coaching and his rear view mirror stint in college.

Put it this way. Gruden or Martin? Gruden or Diaco? Gruden of Fitzgerald? Gruden or some wunderkind pass spread OC who might be capturing the attention of the ACP?