He talks about the offense controlling the flow of the game
by cj (2014-12-16 12:56:54)
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  In reply to: Kelly press conference video  posted by SEE

for the upcoming LSU match-up.

At this stage, do you have any ideas how is he going to do that?

Also, which games did they control the game with O this year? (um/rice?)

We rank # 80 in TOP.... (29:15:50)

With the dialogue of this PC I am more baffled than ever as to why Zaire's number wasn't called earlier and more often this season....

Kelly on O
"They've practiced well all year. We haven't translated that consistently and that's through a number of different things, but primarily they've got to trust their technique they've got to trust themselves and if they do that they'll find a way to beat lsu."

Apparently, "There's no I in team and no we in coach"....

PS Maybe "they've practiced well all year" has something to do with our D....


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