very few of Leahy's Lads were PE majors
by olson (2014-12-16 10:00:35)
Edited on 2014-12-16 10:20:41
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  In reply to: The end of PE. lost athletes and recruiting chain *  posted by torontoparent

seems to be a assumption (in this thread at least) that Leahy was successful because he had a bunch of PE majors on his squads

linked below is the 1949 ND Football Review(for the National Champs) that lists the majors of all of the players in their bios....there are 5 PE majors on the entire team

Leon Hart Mechanical Engineering
James Martin PE
Bill Barrett Commerce
Jim Bartlett Chemistry
Gerry Begley Marketing
Byron Boji Commerce
Paul Burns Commerce
Gus Cifelli Philosophy
Dick Cotter Philosophy
Larry Coutre Commerce
Ray Espenan PE
Bill Flynn Mechanical Engineering
Del Gander Business Ad
Bill Gay Business Ad
Jerry Groom Business
Walt Grothaus Business
Jim Hamby Journalism
John Helwig Commerce
Ed Hudak Business
Frank Johnson Commerce
Bob Lally Law
John Landry PE
John Mazur PE
Ralph McGehee Commerce
James Mutscheller Business
Steve Oracko education
Chet Ostrowski College of Arts & Letters-no major yet
John Petitbon Commerce
Emil Sitko Economics
Francis Spaniel Business
Mike Swistowicz Economics
Bob Toneff PE
Fred Wallner Education College of A & E
Doug Waybright Business
Bill Wightkin Mechanical Engineering
Bob Williams Journalism
Ernie Zalejski Business
Al Zmijewski Mechanical Engineering

if the thought was that the loss of the PE major meant that fewer grads went into coaching and therefore the 'pipeline' of players to ND from old grads 'dried up'...that was probably true-but it happened right after Rockne.....fewer and fewer ND players went into coaching after Rock's amazing number of Rock's players became coaches...not so many after that...there was a Depression in the 1930s and coaching was a decent(if low paying) job in those hard times

by the time the PE major was eliminated at ND(early 60s I believe), there were only a handful of football players majoring in PE


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