Kelly has soured the fans and media on him.
by mkovac (2014-12-15 16:48:58)
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  In reply to: No, BK has all his eggs in the 2015 season basket  posted by tsl4264

Presently, as you say, his stock is low.

He has alienated a number of alums and fans with his high-risk, pass on first down offense, and abandon the run early in the game if it doesn't work in the first two series.

If he thinks that he will coach ND to a four team playoff in 2015, I want some of what he's smoking.

It seems to me that other teams, including Navy, have figured this poseur out and know just how to get into his head. Once inside, like the Sony hackers, they have complete access to everything and it's like Christmas morning every day.


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