I was. My junior year. Worked the Michigan sideline,
by Moff (2014-12-15 16:48:56)
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throwing the balls in to the refs, during the 1st half. So if you watch the Wake Up The Echoes finale after Lou's speech, you'll see my white Adidas at the top of the screen on the goal line as TB sweeps by. As OldIrishFan pointed out to me later, I had a football in my right hand and was pumping it out towards TB as he approached. God help me if I lost my grip.

I worked our side during the second half, and was kneeling on the endline of the endzone near the cheerleaders when the SOB called Joel out right in front of me. The Michigan manager and I had bonded, so he blurted out that Joel was in. I jogged back down the sideline, reported it to Foge, he dragged me over to Lou and said, tell him what you just told me. Lou then went off. Sports Illustrated knew that Michigan manager had said it, based on the post game comments by Lou and Bo, but had no idea how we knew he said it. So their article says the Michigan manager said it to Joel. I doubt that he said it to him too. Poor guy probably caught some serious crap from it.

Was it Joel on the pop pass for the first score?


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