I thought that was the case...
by IrishFanIndy2003 (2014-12-15 15:50:49)
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  In reply to: and the 'Bear Byrant rule'  posted by olson

But they mentioned in passing on The U documentary that Santana Moss (and others) went to Miami on a Track Scholarship, and walked on to the Football team. Moss's bio reflects being awarded a football scholarship at one point mid-season. The documentary suggests that they were asked by the Football Coaches to take Track Scholarships because they were under scholarship limitations from previous sanctions...

My question is, if that is the case and the "Bear Bryant Rule" was already in effect at this point, then as soon as they practiced/played for the Football team they should have counted for Football... and how in the heck could this not put them over the scholarship limitations?

(Perhaps the answer is as easy as Miami was cheating...)


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