Interesting lines from Talking Irish
by SEE (2014-12-15 15:40:31)
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  In reply to: Name the top suspects in bringing ND football down.  posted by mkovac

Bob McBride: "When Father Cavanaugh was vice president, he had a gentlemens's agreement with Leahy to give him 30-32 scholarships a year. These were the years when Big Ten Schools like Michgan and Ohio State gave out 45-50... but in 1947 President Cavanaugh cut football scholarships down from 32 to 18."

Hesburgh: "The problem, as Cavanaugh explained it to me, was that while the administration theoretically controlled athletics, and had its own representative as an overseer, the reality was that Frank Leahy was doing whatever he pleased. Not that he was doing anything wrong"

Bob Williams: "It was 1947 when they first started cutting scholarships. Then it reached its apex in 1950. We only had about fifty football players. And since our freshman class had been so small, we didn't have many seniors. Well, that lack of experience showed on the football field. We went 4-4-1.... The administration wasn't unhappy about it either. This fit right into tho their plans. They wanted to put Leahy in his place"


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