Good story about Father Ted
by thethinman (2014-12-15 14:29:55)
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  In reply to: Affluence  posted by drinkycrow

Back when Father Sorin was struggling to begin his Catholic school, Mother Guerin and the Sisters of Providence were already established down in Terre Haute. A plea went out to the various Catholic entities asking if they could provide some monetary or material item to help this earnest priest up in Northern Indiana. Mother Guerin dispatched two oxen and a cart in answer to the request. Fast Forward many decades and the good sisters down in Terre Haute were fundraising to keep their school and convent solvent. One of the places they looked to was Notre Dame. So the Mother Superior at the time sent a request to Father Ted asking for funds mentioning the generosity of the good sisters way back when. They received a generous check from the university in due course.


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