KW demands equal time...
by Scoop80 (2014-12-15 13:50:47)
Edited on 2014-12-15 13:53:07
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  In reply to: Name the top suspects in bringing ND football down.  posted by mkovac

Had he gotten his way 10 years ago, TW would've gotten another year. TW's final season w/ his post-ND employer shows what happens to programs that keep TW a year too long. Plus, having a 2d recruiting black hole to go w/ his previous black hole might've pushed the program beyond the point of no return. KW clearly had no contingency plan ready for a potential replacement of TW, which led to a haphazard succession process.

KW's extension to Davie, his "Sunday through Friday" BS, and his "negotiation" of CW's contract extension are all icing on the cake. The lack of performance clauses AND the lack of set-offs if CW ultimately worked elsewhere constituted malpractice.


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