Is that just a sausaged opinion to a question he was asked?
by rockmcd (2014-12-15 13:11:13)
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  In reply to: It's a tweet from an NFL Network "analyst"  posted by YinzKeenanVisor

I don't speak twitter jive either, so correct me if I misread the context.

If someone asks you "Who do you think is the most likely college coach to jump to the pros?" you might think about guys who have interviewed in the past and remember that BK talked to the Eagles 2 years ago, and for lack of any other coaches coming to mind that would be your answer. That's not new information.

If someone tweeted "Niners source says they're interested in BK" then that's entirely different.

  • The former. - MackerelSnappingAnarchist  2014-12-15 16:15:29

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