they have excellent young talent behind those stars
by jt (2014-12-15 11:31:56)

In reply to: Harbaugh's situation reminds me of Schottenheimer and Chiefs  posted by irishrock

it is going to be the most attractive NFL opening this offseason by a long shot. Smith is a great player but they have a few young DL that have played well this year (Tank and Dial) and others that can step in. They have Lynch and Aldon Smith at OLB/rush end and they have a stable of good LB and their GM has done an excellent job finding db's. Gore is a good player but they have Hyde behind him and he is a good talent as well.

They need to work on the OL (better position coach is needed and better strategy as well) and they have to get the qb position straightened out and develop some wr's (again, new position coach and scheme will help here). When you look at the other team's with openings right now the NIners are clearly the most talented and it is not all aging talent.