Of course not.
by NDMike2001 (2014-12-15 11:17:51)
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  In reply to: I agree with you, because that is how we view Notre Dame.  posted by The Oak

I don't think that he sees ND as as special in the way that you or I see it. He probably sees ND as one of many tier 1 schools, but I'm sure he also sees it as a unique opportunity in the career of Brian Kelly. There are tier 1 coaching gigs that don't give a coach the platform that he seeks.

I don't think your question is particularly on point, because it's not lateral moves he's looking to make. I think that he's the ultimate narcissist, and wants people to think of him as a great coach.

I don't think that he'd ever want the challenge of coaching in the SEC. He probably wouldn't take a program like Michigan either because the risk isn't worth the move. He wanted the opportunity to be a legend at Notre Dame, but overestimated his abilities and the unique challenge that you need to embrace at Notre Dame.

I think that he'd take Texas, Miami, USC and maybe FSU. Beyond that, he's looking at NFL jobs. Alternatively, he'd probably take a 1 year stint at a school that could "repair" his image as an NFL caliber coach.


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