Yes. His agent is hunting desperately for an NFL job for
by ACross (2014-12-15 10:53:37)
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  In reply to: Do you believe Coach Kelly would leave for a lateral move?  posted by The Oak

Kelly. And he's floating his name with anonymous, off the record leaks to friendly dupes in journalism, to create the impression of Kelly being a hot commodity.

Failing that, (and I do think that our late season cratering foiled the Kelly/Armstrong grand plan), I think Kelly would take any number of other major conference jobs that may become available after the musical chairs. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he took the CSU job. Or Pitt. Or Ole Miss or another SEC job.

He wants to coach in the NFL. Armstrong wants him to coach in the NFL. I think they realize that ND is on a downward trajectory, so it's time to grab a couple of parachutes and db cooper it out of South Bend.


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