The idea that cut blocks should be banned isn't new
by SEE (2014-12-14 22:21:44)
Edited on 2014-12-14 22:51:02
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it is an equalizer offense, it also causes injuries. To me if you have to play the game in a way that causes injuries, you should just be in a lower league. ACL injuries like Ishaq sustained and Day's ongoing injuries can cost kids real dollars.

From the Citadel after the FSU game:
"I played in the game last night and also contributed to the injury list and that was just the mindset going into the game," offensive lineman Victor Hill wrote. "Me and my offensive line brothers preached to each other all week that we would be going for knees from the first play to the last play with the A-backs included. We saw it as if they (won't) respect us for blocking them then we'll make them respect us for cutting them!"

"Those guys that cut and chop like this, it's crazy," head coach Jimbo Fisher said following the game. "I'd rather play more conventional teams. Just because of the chance of injuries that occurred."

Or David Cutcliffe
Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson objected to Duke coach David Cutcliffe’s comments about cut blocks in Saturday’s game, won 38-14 by the Yellow Jackets. After the game, Cutcliffe called cut blocks a safety issue and proposed eliminating from the game. “My only response would be, let’s see how many (Duke) defensive starters are out for their game Saturday vs. Pitt,” “The rules are so hard to understand,” he said. “The officials can’t officiate it, in my opinion. That’s why I’m a proponent to just take it out of the game. It’s easier to officiate, it’s safer for the kids. That’s kind of the reason.”


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