There are two reasons to learn a language
by Kayo (2014-12-14 21:56:53)
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Conversation and literature. Literature is all Latin has to offer at this point.

Conversational skills allow people to experience the culture personally regardless of whether they take the time to read the great literary works of that language. However, I think you're discounting the value of native language literature too cavalierly, and not just the value of Latin literature.

I have nothing against Latin.
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I think it's great that you studied and enjoy Latin. Literature is NOT all Latin has to offer.

It's been said that when you pray, pray in Latin. To quote: When you pray in Latin, you are praying in union with the rest of the Church in the same universal language the Roman Church has prayed for practically her entire existence.

I'm Catholic. I go to mass every Sunday and aim to go 2 times a week minimum. I encourage you if you are able to attend mass in Latin if you can. You'll feel refreshed.

My original point, which may have not been made as eloquently as I would have like, was that playing Navy is unnecessarily tedious where we have to "put what we have learned all year to get ready for an offense we likely see only once a year", which was not unlike my educational experience with Latin.

well, next year we will see it twice *
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