No, it's not. It's absolutely not.
by rkg (2014-12-14 20:04:31)
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  In reply to: again, that's not Navy's fault  posted by jt

We can stop the Navy series pretty much anytime we want.

Pretty much every team in the country wants to play us.

I've spoken to ADs who've basically told me that.

We choose to play a team that runs an antiquated offense, that defending serves basically no purpose to the next week's opponent, in fact it's likely a hindrance.

They don't add to our SOS w/r/g to the playoff.

WE CHOOSE TO PLAY THEM. For what? Some 50 year old promise?

You want the NCAA to step in and outlaw a block that often puts half our defense on the PUP list. Why don't we just do what's right for ND and cut the series?

It's not anger. It's frustration.


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