Agree and disagree
by localirishfan (2014-12-09 18:03:17)
Edited on 2014-12-09 18:04:16

In reply to: I could be wrong but mentally I think he lacks toughness  posted by atthedome

He comes back from mistakes decently, but then continues to make the same mistakes in following games. I think Kelly is in his head way too much. It is obvious Golson needs to take a breath coming off the field after a turnover and Kelly starts yapping. That is on the coach to allow his QB some time to calm down before getting into it.

I watched the TCU game on Saturday and their OC took a minute and some deep breaths prior to addressing the offense after a mistake. I was amazed that something so simple cannot be realized by BK to have a positive impact instead of breaking down an already broken down player/unit.