This reply is gonna get me into big trouble . . .
by GorgeousGeorge (2014-12-09 17:50:50)
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  In reply to: Is it just me, or did Golson look better at the beginning  posted by smcchick

. . . but I just gotta say it: Look into Golson's eyes when he's on the field and what do you see? Jameis in the 4th quarter with the game on the line? Tony Rice down by 6, or up by 3? Brady Quinn ripping the final drive against USC? Well, what I see is uncertainty, occasional confusion and abject fear of failure -- not the stuff of a game-controlling QB.

Twenty-odd turnovers can do that to people. Unfair perhaps, but undeniable.

Look, I have nothing against EG; I think he's a fine young man. I wish he were playing lights out (in a good way). But he just doesn't appear to have the moxie and mojo to be leading a Top 5 team, and he isn't. Ain't nothing personal; it's just business.

Zaire, on the other hand, believes he ought to be the starting QB at Notre Dame. He believed it in spring drills, and probably last year. He isn't shy about saying it. Now, I don't know if he can play the position any better than Golson, but there's no denying a tangible difference in attitude.

Pardon please the comparison, but Bo Wallace doesn't give a shit. He's going to go out and kick ass, in his own mind, regardless of who he's playing, what the score is, or how bad he stinks that particular day. And, as inconsistent as he's been, he's also personally raised the U of Miss football program to relevance -- admittedly along with some pretty talented teammates. That's what I want in a quarterback -- somebody ready to lead a Panzer brigade. Joe Theismann. Joe Kapp. Doug Williams. Take names. Take no prisoners. LEAD, ferkrissake!

Of course, if he could turn the ball over less, it would be helpful. GG


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