As to his "attitude"
by JClarke (2014-12-09 17:44:05)
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  In reply to: Pretty spot on. But that doesn't excuse  posted by DCDave

the one play I remember the Backroom getting on Golson about was the series against Northwestern where (I believe I remember correctly) ND ran on first down for no gain. Incomplete pass, another stopped run and then a penalty. 3rd and 20 and Golson threw an out pattern for a 12 yard gain and Kelly absolutely lit him up on the sidelines and it appeared that Golson had heard enough. I'm reading tea leaves, but Kelly is a dick and listening to that ass every day has got to get old...If ND does not score a TD, Golson is getting an earful. Say what you want about coaches and players and respect, but that shit has got to get old.


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