You can't teach the OL, etc. how to run in time
by btd (2014-12-09 17:43:40)

In reply to: Since ND won't use such a game plan, who should start? *  posted by ShermanOaksND

That's me being serious. Realistically, it doesn't matter if we call running plays or not right now. We don't execute them well enough to be effective right now because we have too limited a selection of running plays and don't practive them enough to consistently execute them.

Against a defense like LSU, they will eat a soft OL alive if we run heavily. We can't fix our soft OL in 15 bowl practices -- especially sans any real DL to practice against. You can't just flip that switch and make it happen. You need to start that in spring and devote substantial time to it from that point forward to insert a true running capability into the offense.

What we could do is make use of read option more with Zaire. My guess is since he has such limited experience and LSU is very fast and physical, they will easily be able to defend that one and only change to our running game. Thus, Golson remains the better chance to pull off a miracle because he probably can execute the plays we do practice -- passing -- better.

Any way you slice it we need a miracle to win. BVG could help a bit by going zone and not blitizing much. They will still run over us, but it will take longer each drive to do it and they may make a mistake to kill a drive or two with the extra plays. Then offensively we need 3 or 4 TDs gifted to us somehow -- on top of 3 more we earn. Gifted in the form of a DB falls down and we get a 75 yard TD pass -- that level of gift, multiple times.