As a Steelers fan your post really haunts me
by btd (2014-12-09 17:25:06)
Edited on 2014-12-09 17:25:31
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  In reply to: I think that he is similar in philosophy to Weis  posted by jt

I think back on Ben's rookie year where they beat the Pats badly during the season. The Steelers defense really had them totally confused and just crushed them. Then in the playoffs it was the exact opposite.

I remember thinking at the time, man if you didn't know better it is like the literally know every single move we are going to make on defense. There's really no way to know whether that game was one of them or to prove that the Steelers would have won anyway since offensively we were also struggling and in theory they didn't also steal offensive plays.

I do often wonder whether those 3 superbowls that I think all included beating the Steelers in the playoffs are real or not. The first one maybe didn't include the Steelers, but of course had the Tuck Rule play to beat Oakland.


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