And the 2014 offense? 2 or 3 losses.
by btd (2014-12-09 17:18:52)
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  In reply to: Offense has its problems, but...  posted by BigNDfan

The offense one would have put that defense on the field more, so they may not have been as good with an extra 5 minutes per game on the field.

Two, the offense turned the ball over so many more times that it isn't a given the 2012 defense would have just shut those teams down.

Three, Golson personally had four pick sixes, at least 2 turnovers inside the 10 yard line and a sack against ASU inside the 10 on 4th down (losing 20 yards or so versus just throwing the ball away or hell throw an INT attempting to pull off a miracle). The 2012 defense could not have stopped any of that.

Four, the 2012 defense could not have stopped Brian Kelly from going for 2 when you are supposed to go for 1.

Five, the 2012 defense would not have stopped the I think 6 failed holds on FG or extra points this year and the points taken off the board as a result.

The net is I figure we would have lost 2 or 3 games this year even with the 2012 defense becasue in 2012 we barely won 6 of our games when we didn't have an offense scoring points for the other team.


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