Its common with all QBs. You start getting pressure...
by karmel (2014-12-09 16:55:23)
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  In reply to: Is it just me, or did Golson look better at the beginning  posted by smcchick

Mechanics go bye-bye. Unless you're a grizzled vet not a 2nd yr college starter who is not built to carry the ball 10 times a game and throw it 30 times. The more he got popped and pressure got thru the more he became hesitant, uncertain, the happy feet, the running too soon, holding the ball too long, all of it. he didn't know how to work himself out of that. That's something a great guru like Whitfield can't do. You can't simulate adversity like that. Honestly his mind may need a fresh wipe, think this season may be over for him unless this time off helped.


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