When you have 5 players (some of them your best)
by BAC69 (2014-12-09 16:50:10)
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  In reply to: That attitude explains why we have Kelly, granted.  posted by HowardRoark

suspended basically all season for doing something that wouldn't even be noticed at most schools, it is hard, I think, to get players to focus on football when there is academic work to be done.

You want to attribute all blame on Kelly, but he has to work within the constraints of the system. He didn't seem to have that many problem at other coaching stops, so I'm leaning more toward blaming the school over Kelly's attitude or system.

And it is that same reason that we have Kelly anyway--other coaches see those same constraints and how difficult they are to deal with, so they just don't come. Kelly at least is willing to come and try.


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