Been checking out Hudl throughout the year. Amazing stuff.
by karmel (2014-12-09 16:49:36)
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  In reply to: Guyton, Adams and Sanders senior videos  posted by SEE

Sanders reminds me of Devonte Neal/ Riddick. Built more like Riddick but doesn't have the start n stop that Theo has but has the top-end speed Theo didn't have (10.64 10-/21.7 200 jr yr). Looks really thick and sturdy, can take a shot. He was dominant against California's best which should surprise considering how he did in the Opening.

TJ Jones > Will Fuller > Jalen Guyton. Guy fits right in that category. He looks faster than Will Fuller in HS as Fuller wasn't a speed guy in HS; he's matured into the speed merchant he is now. Looks a bigger than both Jones and Fuller at this stage. Allen plays a incredible schedule and this guy put up stunning numbers. Bodes will for him coming in and having an ability to cope a little faster to the college game.

Adams looks ugly. Big, fast, and big. Would really like to see him get to 6-2 225 (listed at 6-2 210 now) in the next couple years. Would be great to have him with Jamabo; similar to what the Steelers had with Levone Bell and Legarrette Blount (minus the weed of course). Considering the 2 upper class RBs will be 5-9 205 guys, 2 6-2 205+ guys behind them would be nice.


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