Because he's a damn good coach who knows how to adapt
by HowardRoark (2014-12-09 16:48:25)
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to the situation he's given. He would be the anti-Kelly in that respect, and would very likely run an offense geared to the type of competition that we play and the type of recruits that have a natural affinity for Notre Dame: OL and TE. He's pass-happy in the Big XII because the Big XII is a pass-happy league and that's what he needed to do to win it; he's not married to it.

He's also a defensive-minded coach who would very likely make sure we never fielded a defense with 10 players again, but who would very likely have a successful outcome even if he did. Again, just what we need here to thrive. I'd certainly want to talk to him at length if I were putting together a short list.


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