I'll make it even more simple...
by BAC69 (2014-12-09 16:36:02)
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You tell me who is coming to ND to coach that you can guarantee will do a better job than Kelly? If we can get that guy, I say, let's do it. But until that time, Kelly is what we have. After the first 5 games of the season, he was praised by all as a genius who had finally arrived; now he is an idiot who can't do anything right. Neither of those thoughts are correct assessments.

If there has to be criticism, criticize what's wrong.

And what puts us in this situation isn't Kelly, it is the ND attitude that academics and exemplary personal lives of players is more important than winning football games. I'm not arguing with that attitude except to the extent that we need to recognize that this is why we have Kelly and not Urban Meyer, and why Kelly has so much trouble getting his players to play better.

What we are doing on this board, one post after the other,is similar to shooting ourselves in the foot then criticizing our foot for hurting. Holtz left because, after a good bit of freedom early on, the ND system rebelled and pulled back some of the freedom he needed to play competitively; he was just worn out trying to fight that battle. Following him: Davie, TW, and Weis, none of whom was a good coach, but these picks did show the underlying attitude of the university. Kelly was the best we could get at the time and he is who we have now.

Get rid of him and I think the next guy will be worse.


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