No "pressure" in practice
by 14GIPR (2014-12-09 16:15:56)
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  In reply to: I've never seen a HC put so much pressure on the QB position  posted by irishrock

I feel like Kelly's biggest flaw when developing Golson has been the red jersey he presumably wears in practice. Obviously Golson's turnovers, ball protection, and decision making have been horrible in most games this year.

How can you judge if a guy can make the proper decisions under duress if he is not exposed to live action all the time (or at least until he proves it is no longer an issue)? If our QBs get hurt while exposed to this type of practice, then so be man in.

My fear is Golson will look great in practice (make all the right reads, show leadership, great arm strength etc.), get the start against LSU and we all know how the story will end.


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