Try this: an offense that protects the defense helps the D
by btd (2014-12-09 16:13:18)
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  In reply to: Let's try this ...  posted by CJC

And a coach that knows defense is the major issue normally would run an offense to protect that defense, but Kelly did not in 2013 or 2014.

However, the one time he thought he had a bad offense and a good defense he actually ran a modified offense -- and wen't 12-1. Strange that after making that modification the same guy can't seem to grasp that perhaps he should make modifications every year based on the actual players and actual realities of his offense and defense.

I heard a rumor where in college the kids have to quit playing after a max of five years. Something I guess where you can't just assume every year you get them all back? Something where you also need a system where first year players can be starters or backups? Crazy. Maybe that's just noise and it is like the NFL where you can drop new systems in over years and also have unlimited hours to train people.


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