do you even know what his pre snap reads are?
by jt (2014-12-09 16:13:18)
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  In reply to: Name a team whose QB doesn't have to be competent  posted by BAC69

I am betting that he needs to try and read the coverage and he needs to adjust the line blocking for passing and running plays (slide, fan, zone, wrap, etc.). He probably has at least 2 plays called in the huddle and he needs to check to one or the other pre-snap and make sure everyone is on the same page. He needs to do all of this in about 10-15 seconds with the defense shifting and adjusting as he's doing it.

Post snap, he needs to take his drop and continue to read his coverage and quickly shift his eyes to the keys that he is reading; if it doesn't match up to his pre-snap read he needs to know what the defense is actually doing and he needs to know if they sent an extra man on a blitz (which is his responsibility as nobody will be blocking that guy). If nobody is open he needs to be able to move around in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield the whole time while not looking at the rush. If he starts to scramble he still needs to keep his eyes downfield even though he no longer has blockers that know where he is and a defense that does.

These are a lot of responsibilities for any qb, let alone a college kid. This isn't a matter of being competent it is a matter of a coach not having a system designed to spread the responsibility around.


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