I think that the issue with this system
by jt (2014-12-09 16:05:35)
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  In reply to: It's certainly not all Golson's fault  posted by FourLeafDomer

is that it starts with the pass and it starts on the field with the qb being able to correctly identify the coverage and to check and adjust on the fly. Defenses and defensive coordinators aren't stupid and they know how to adjust their coverages right after we check out or adjust our routes and that can leave the qb unsure and hesitant.

Now, the scheme you mention (TCU) is not one with which I am very familiar. I do know that Oregon runs an offense that also requires some pre-snap reads (some on here even think that it is a similar offense to our offense but that is because they're stupid). However, that offense starts with the run and adjusts out. If you make the improper read on a run play there is still a decent opportunity for the player to make a play and your offense is not hesitant.

I don't think we need to go to an "all run, all the time" scheme or even hire someone like Paul Johnson (whose offensive scheme I like very much but whose defensive scheme is very lacking and whose recruiting is sub par). However, we can certainly have a scheme that starts with the run focus/emphasis and adjusts out and ends up at about a 55-45 run/pass balance when the game is close (in other words, throw out garbage time running out the clock or garbage time 2 minute drill trying to make up a big deficit). I think that type of offense is more suited to the level of competition we want to play and the type of athlete we can recruit.


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