Totally agree, but the odds he'll do this are very low
by dulacshakur (2014-12-09 15:41:22)
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  In reply to: Problem is overconcentration of the portfolio on QB play.  posted by ndoldtown

Great coaches adapt. Unfortunately, Kelly seems dead-set on pushing his offensive system irrespective of whether the personnel is suited and/or optimized to run it. And, to your point, recent experience suggests we haven't had the right personnel.

There's nothing more damning than the reality that, despite having an offense led by a QB with nationally publicized turnover issues, Kelly didn't call a second running play for one of our running backs until ND was down 21-0 to a USC team that surrendered 452 rushing yards to BC. That's stupid beyond all fucking belief.

The guy has one trick in his bag, and it's apparently a high-wire act performed drunk over a pool of hungry sharks.


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