The defense tanked during the 2nd half of the season, no
by FarleyLyons74 (2014-12-09 15:32:21)
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  In reply to: Name a team whose QB doesn't have to be competent  posted by BAC69

doubt. Scheme, injuries and perhaps better offenses did all that.

But how many of the points given up by the defense were the direct result of the offense (Golson) making mistakes. The pick sixes were not the defenses fault. Giving up TD's on short fields due to turnovers is partially the defense, but not all on them.

Nor is is the fault of the defense that the offense was unable to keep them off the field when they were decimated by injuries.

BVG may or may not be a good DC, but Kelly made NO efforts to protect the defense at all by trying to play ball control.

This team has 5 losses and it was a total team effort.


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