Name a team whose QB doesn't have to be competent
by BAC69 (2014-12-09 15:02:05)
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  In reply to: As long as Kelly requires the QB to carry the offense  posted by glennquagmire

and I'll name a team that isn't very good.

Golson just has to be competent and not commit errors; he doesn't have to be superman. But if the QB is less than competent on any team, the team will do bad.

When Golson plays well--throws his passes on time, doesn't fumble, etc.--our team has scored a lot of points. The problem with our team has mostly been a poor defense, not a poor offense.

In 2012, when we went undefeated, we scored, on average, 25.77 points, but our defense held opponents to 12.77 points--our defense won a lot of games for us. This year we scored on average 33 points per game, but our defense allowed 29.3 points--our defense lost a lot of games for us. So the problem, in spite of all the fumbles and interceptions, hasn't been our scoring; it has been the turnovers and our defense's inability to stop the other teams from scoring. Our defensive problems have been mostly from injuries, suspensions, and lack of depth at key defensive positions.

The belief that the QB in Kelly's offense must be better than in other offenses--say Oregon's, for example, or FSU's--is simply wrong.


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