I'll address the first point
by irishrock (2014-12-09 14:43:10)
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  In reply to: Offense has its problems, but...  posted by BigNDfan

I don't agree with you, the offense has issues across every position. My biggest beef is that there is little to no focus on turnovers, field position or time of possession...three of the crucial metrics which differentiate an elite offense from a dependable offense to a horrible offense

QB: doesn't handle the ball, turnover machine (Horrible for the offense as no offense rhythm is created and puts the team in horrible field position)

RB: don't get me started, but our best RB's are Bryant and Folston...I prefer Bryant but he strikes me as more one dimensional than Folston. Kind of like Riddick and Wood.

WR: I take it back...I think our WR play has been very good. One of Michael Floyd's best talents was his edge blocking. I'm unsure if our WR's are as adept at blocking, but the play has been solid. I would prefer a few less drops, obviously, but I think WR play is there.

TE: Weak, but is it on Koyack or on Golson. I know one of the knocks on Golson from 2012 was that he didn't throw in the middle of the field...he focused on the edge. A lot of that was put on Kelly and it was stated that Kelly had a preference for throwing to the sidelines rather than the middle.

OLine: I think this is a coaching issue and a mindset issue. We are not a tough, grinding team...in fact I think we run cream puff offense and that manifests itself in the OLine play. Think about this: When it is 3rd and 2, you absolutely know that a run is less than a 50/50 success proposition and that is just sad.

What would our record be? No clue. I don't think the offense was very good that year either. This offense malaise is not a new phenomena with ND and Kelly. In fact, it is routine and the "new normal".


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