When do the excuses end?
by CJC (2014-12-09 14:39:52)
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  In reply to: There's obviously more to that statement  posted by BigNDfan

Kelly's been the head coach for five seasons.

Kids transfer, kids get hurt and kids flame out.

Here, there, and everywhere, including at Notre Dame, Albama, USC and every other school you want to name.

My point is that in five years, Kelly has yet to produce a single worthwhile quarterback -- and by that I mean good enough to retain the job for an entire season.

The performance out of the quarterback position, which is by Kelly's own statements, one of Kelly's greatest areas of expertise, has overall sucked.

And to respond to your other post, it's the fact that Kelly has failed so miserably on offense and specifically at quarterback that is of greatest concern. As I noted in my original post about offense vs. defesne, I'm not claiming that the 2014 offense is worse than the 2014 defense.

But if in five years Kelly can't get the offense where it needs to be, why in the world would we expect him to get defense and special teams to where they need to be in order to consistently compete for championships?


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