I see that you are missing the over arching point...
by IrishFanIndy2003 (2014-12-09 14:26:39)
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  In reply to: So why were TCU and Baylor three spots apart  posted by chicos bail bonds

Before last week the resumes for the various teams were reviewed:

FSU, TCU, OSU, Baylor

- The feeling was that TCU's "body of work" to date was better than the other 3 teams...

And then another round of games happened and everyone's resume changed...

TCU's overall "body of work" became less impressive because:
- They played a doormat opponent
- A "big win" over Oklahoma, became less impressive as OU lost to Oklahoma St.
- The Oklahoma loss had ripple effects, also making Baylor and K-State's wins over Oklahoma less impressive (and thus TCU's win over K-State and loss to Baylor less impressive.
- Their win over K-State also became less impressive because Baylor also beat them.

FSU improved its "body of work" by beating a good GT team on a neutral field.
- FSU could see gains in its body of work with OKState's win over OU
- (Maybe also through a transitive... FSU beat Miami who beat Cinci who won another game)

OSU improved its "body of work" by beating a good Wisconsin team on a neutral field.
- body of work also improved by Cinci winning

Baylor improved its "body of work" by beating K-State.
- Baylor also saw its body of work negatively impacted by OU's loss
- Baylor also was hurt by TCU dropping a bit

There are a lot of assumptions that are being made, but in a single week TCU's resume clearly took the biggest hit, while the 3 other schools improved to varying degrees...


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