Quarterback Play
by jk67Domer (2014-12-09 13:24:40)
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I read here or somewhere that Kelly has a point of view as to how he wants the quarterback position played and whichever of our top 2 quarterbacks plays the position like he wants it played then that one will be the starter. Do we know exactly what Kelly expects? It would seem leadership would be one requirement followed by: 1) either properly executing the play he (Kelly as the resident genius) calls or checking out of it into a better or more appropriate play given pre-snap defensive adjustments; 2)ad libbing/running as required; 3)protecting the ball. I am sure there is much more, but it sure seems we are not taking full advantage of Golson's (or Zaiere's) ability to rollout and throw on the run, especially since neither of them has the height to be a typical pocket passer throwing over the heads and arems of today's 6'5" + offensive linemen and defensive ends.


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