They didn't play a single team
by Carroll02 (2014-12-09 11:10:14)
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  In reply to: they beat #12, #17 and #21 + ND, FL and Ok St.  posted by shamrock

that should have had a good chance to beat them. Only three games should have been close if they were a legitimate top 5 team.

After beating Louisville, they were expected to coast the rest of the way. Instead they struggled in every game. 6-6 and 7-5 teams regularly took them to the wire.

9 bowl teams doesn't even mean anything anymore. Six of those bowl teams were 7-5 or worse. Most of their opponents had two cupcakes and got to play Wake Forest and Syracuse, meaning they just had to win two of their other eight games (most of which were played amongst each other):

6-6 Oklahoma State: FSU beat them by 6. TCU and Baylor beat them by 33 and 21.

9-3 Clemson, their best win, in OT (without Winston). Georgia beat them by 24.

7-5 NC State by 15. NC State lost other games by 16, 33 and 41. Among their wins were Georgia Southern, Old Dominion, Presbyterian, Syracuse, South Florida, and Wake Forest.

7-5 Notre Dame, in which they actually lost, but were rewarded the win by corrupt officials.

9-3 Louisville, by 11. They padded their record against Murray State and FIU.

6-6 Miami by 4. Miami beat Florida A&M and Arkansas State to get bowl eligible.

7-5 Boston College, by 3. They did have an impressive win against USC, but had wins against UMass, Maine, Syracuse, and Wake Forest to get bowl eligible.

6-5 Florida by 5. Kind of hard to figure them out because of that Georgia game, but Muschamp was already on his way out. They beat Eastern Michigan, Eastern Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. Beat Tennessee by 1 and Kentucky in 3OT. Missouri beat them by 29 and Alabama by 21.

10-3 Georgia Tech by 4. Tech is a good team but among their wins are Wofford, Tulane, and Georgia Southern. They lost to 6-6 UNC and beat 6-6 VT by 3.


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