This discussion we're having?
by Irishdemon (2014-12-09 10:17:33)
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  In reply to: 2015 Hypothetical  posted by gadomer

Is also being had by reasonable people all over the country.

Long basically said head to head counts if the resumes are equal and Baylor didn't have an equal resume to TCU until it beat Kansas St.

And yes, Jeff Long by his actions and comments has green-lighted every college football coach to run up the score whenever possible.

In your five teams undefeated scenario - it would have to come down to the eye test. Margin of victory etc. What I hate about the 'eye test' is it's a cute way of saying 'opinion' and when there's opinion, there's bias. There are athletic directors who protect their own interests and in the case of Condi Rice, you have someone who has no business being in the room.

If TCU being 3rd in the penultimate week means absolutely nothing - then don't freaking make it public.

If all Ohio St. and Baylor had to do was win out to pass the Horned Frogs in the final rankings, any poll placing them 3rd was cruel and unnecessary punishment to a program and fan base.


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