They weren't just inelgible because of their grades
by HTownND (2017-07-17 18:00:34)
Edited on 2017-07-18 13:12:03
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They also got impermissible benefits from an athletic department employee.

It's pretty amazing to me the comments that have been thrown out repeatedly by folks at ND as the justification.

They weren't just ineligible because the grades were lowered (although that did make two of them ineligible). They were ineligible because they received impermissible benefits. We didn't get dinged just for following our honor code. We got dinged for using ineligible players too (bold emphasis added)

"Specifically, the former student athletic trainer and two football student-athletes committed academic misconduct during the 2011-12 through 2012-13 academic years. The academic misconduct violated NCAA legislation because the institution's academic honesty and integrity policies were violated which led the institution to erroneously certify the eligibility of the two football student-athletes.

She also provided six other football student-athletes with impermissible academic extra benefits across eighteen academic courses. These violations also occurred over two academic years. Specifically, the former student athletic trainer partially or wholly completed numerous academic assignments for football student-athletes in numerous courses. Two of these student-athletes were still enrolled at the institution when the violations were discovered and the institution subsequently sought reinstatement of the student-athletes' athletics eligibility through the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement process. The other four student-athletes were no longer enrolled at the institution when the violations were discovered and were not subject to the institution's academic honesty and integrity policies. Because the student athletic trainer knew or should have known that her conduct violated NCAA legislation, her conduct was unethical. The parties agreed the violations are Level II. The panel concurs.

For some reason we seem to be focusing on the top part but not the bolded part about the ineligible players due to impermissible benefits. We used ineligible players, some were ineligible because of grades (two of them). 6 of them for receiving impermissible benefits that our athletic department employee knew were impermissible.

Is anyone going to hold the folks at ND to account for this, or are we just going to parrot the ND line that it's not fair? Whether we expelled them or not, we used ineligible players who were immediately ineligible when they received improper benefits from an Athletic Department employee. It's such BS, it's astounding.


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